Airline Breast

Airline Breast
The airline breast is aptly named because the first wing joint is still attached.
The airline breast is the standard way most fine restaurants present their chicken dish.


1. Cut through the shoulder joint that attaches the wing to the breast.


2. Carefully cut around the wishbone the cut all the way down slightly off-center of the breast. Be sure to make a deep cut all the way down to the breast plate when cutting down the breast.


3. Carefully peel the breast portion back with your hand while also cutting to separate the breast from the bone.


4. Cut the skin connecting the breast to the bone which is along the side of the chicken below the wing.


5. Your airline breast with breast tender still attached.


6. Airline breast portions with remaining carcass.


7. Cut off part of the wing leaving the first digit still attached.


8. Airline breast with remaining wing parts.

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