Quality Assurance


Our birds are raised cage-free, fed all natural grain with no meat byproducts, and without any hormones or steroids. Unlike any other poultry company here in Los Angeles, we truck our birds live daily into the heart of the city from California’s Central Valley and process them under strict HACCP guidelines with USDA inspection of every single bird.

We start early in the morning before the public is awake, and we guarantee that your order of whole birds will be shipped within 24 hours of slaughter and any cut-up or fabricated pieces will be shipped within 48 hours. You will receive the freshest chicken possible. Bacteria begins to grow immediately after slaughter; and unlike beef where aging is sometimes encouraged to tenderize the meat, chicken, like fish and other seafood, is the best tasting and safest when its the freshest possible. Many markets receive old or partially frozen chicken because the product spends a few days at the processor, a day in transit, a few days at the distributor, and a few days at your retailer. A typical chicken may be over a week old before you bring it home to serve your family and guests. Our freshness is unparalleled and is evidenced by our pinker breast. Furthermore we don’t allow our birds to retain water like many other poultry companies do. Some companies’ chickens retain up to 10% water weight. Our reduced water content greatly enhances the natural taste of our chicken.

Most of our process is done by hand. People simply do a better job than automated machines when it comes to product wholesomeness. Automated machines can’t see when a cut is made poorly, which often results in product contamination. Also, by working with a small number of farmers and having our own small boutique processing plant, we can control the process throughout the supply chain. Ultimately buying from us direct will eliminate many unnecessary links in the chain.

Each box is carefully packed by hand in either our ice pack and dry pack box, which will protect the product temperature from rising before it reaches its destination. Our chicken arrives vacuum packed, super fresh and never frozen usda-mark

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