Our Story

“Jidori” is a Japanese term and the simplest translation means “chicken of the earth.” It was a term we first began using around 15 years ago to market to the many talented Japanese chefs heading the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. These chefs began the “Asian-fusion” cooking movement that demanded the freshest quality ingredients much like their sushi traditions. From there Jidori ChickenTM quietly spread to include all chefs from a variety of backgrounds and training. As each executive chef or sous chef left to open a new restaurant, the chicken followed. These restaurants still include Puck’s Spago, Splichal’s Patina and Nobu’s Matsuhisa among many others.

Our local family of chefs provide the freshest, best tasting and healthiest dishes to their most discerning clientele. The freshness of our all-natural USDA-inspected chickens can be tasted after cooking, which can be described as creamy, yet firm, with a natural chicken flavor. What’s been available only to restaurants in the Los Angeles area is now available to everyone, even to your home kitchen. And if you are a restaurant or distributor that strives to serve the best, special wholesale pricing and programs are available…Bon Appetit!

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